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We have a physiotherapist located at our gym who can help you with your problems and conditions


Our High Five physiotherapists are present at our Gym on Mondays and Thursdays to assist you with any injury or musculoskeletal complaint to get you mobilised as soon as possible.

The therapist is available by appointment; to offer you the possibility to easily make appointments during office hours.

Since the Physiotherapists know and understand your working conditions they will often be able to provide you with more specifical assistance.

Book your first appointment

Together with our physiotherapist you will inventory your complaints and lifestyle and ramp up a treatment plan to match your wishes and needs.

If you have complaints or specific questions regarding issues during exercise; feel free to make an appointment with one of our physiotherapists.

Book a follow-up appointment

Note: Most treatments are reimbursed by your insurer.

Treatment methods

Physical reintegration

Physical complaints play an impeding role in work. As a result, the person in question is no longer always able to perform his work 

Workplace research

The workplace examination is performed by our physiotherapist. This can be done both in case complaints are present, but also to prevent complaints.

Medical Taping

Medical taping is a treatment technique that involves kinesio tape

Dry needling

Dry needling is a treatment technique that involves acupuncture needles