Welkom to The Well

You can come to us for daily workouts or group lessons to follow. In doing so, we will give you advice about exercise, nutrition and relaxation. Our professional staff helps you to begin to move and find new challenges when you're advanced. The costs for participation amounts € 13.75. Third family member is charged € 5.

Company fitness                                    Fysiotherapie

Monday        6.30-11.30 11.30-14.30 15.30-19.00
Tuesday           x 11.30-14.30 15.30-19.00
Wednesday  6.30-11.30 11.30-14.30 15.30-19.00
Thursday         x 11.30-14.30 15.30-19.00
Friday       6.30-11.30 11.30-14.30          x
                Do you have complaints or specific questions about training and moving?

                Make an appointment with our physiotherapist.